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A Minor Cycle (Which should have been posted: 1 November 2011)

Slowly (as always at the beginging) I am gearing up for the full-on performance with Theatre of Yugen!  
We have already had an amazing workshop of Play #1 and Play#3.  Under Yugen’s SORYA! Program.
If you’re hearing about this for the first time, READ ON!
(If you seen me in the last few months, you know probably more than you want to—I get so excited—skip down a paragraph or two.)

The Minor Cycle is a huge work Theatre of Yugen is work-shopping and producing (their 2012 Holiday Show!) I will be billed as BOTH playwright and ensemble member.     
Here’s a part of the “hot plate” (as we say in the biz)

A Minor Cycle uses the thematic structure of a Noh Cycle, each work is based on children’s literature or folk tales and each employs a classical Japanese performance art.

Yup, 5 little plays and 5 different styles. 
To wit:   

1)   The God Play                       Kyogen
2)   The Warrior Play                  Bunraku
3)   The Woman’s Play               Noh
4)   The Mad Woman’s Play       Kabuki
5)   The Demon Play                  All Four in Tandem!  (or “Fusion”)

Actually, it is ALOT of “fusion" for we cannot really do classical Bunraku—we don’t have access to master chanters and shamisen players!  NOR are we highly trained in Kabuki.  We do, however, have a great western-style puppet creator and musicians as well as a Kabuki specialist.  Furthermore, as myself and Theatre of Yugen were, in a past life, actors and dancers, we cannot HELP but create something wonderful and strange!  

I will be blogging about it all as it develops, so check back here every now and again.

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