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Always New Territory

I am deep in the revision of the one of the plays we have workshoped in October (The Dwarves are for the Dwarves.)  It is the opening play based on The Chronicles of Narnia and must be completely redone!  I mean completely! 
First; I really needed to set in to “the twelve-syllable measures of delivery” (that sounds like an esoteric Buddhist phrase, doesn’t it?)  Secondly;  THE ENTIRE PLAY IS WRONG!   ARRRRRRRGG! 
It’s funny how a nohgaku can act on paper one way and play OH so very differently! 
This being a 1st category god-play, it has a function to fulfill which seemed to be working in the script, but did not translate when it was performed.  The first category is not merely a play that celebrates a god, it is a celebration of god—very different.

So hurray, this gives me a chance to write another piece and a deeper insight into the art.  I’m using the same source material, it’s seems so right to start with Mr. Lewis.

I also get to be challenged to write a song cycle (about Mr. and Mrs. Darling from Barrie’s Peter Pan) to be scored by the talented and incredibly nice Edward Schocker.

These movements are totally western and will be used as intermezzo between the five plays of the cycle.   Cool huh?   There is still much up in the air, it may not work at all!  But heck, I am soooo ready to get to work (the Pan cycle is almost complete.)
And even more ready to get back to San Francisco!

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